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About Staffers

Welcome to Staffers!

Staffers is one of the pioneers in the recruitment and human resource management industry of Thailand.

We take great pride in our service and are committed to seeking out the best candidates for a variety of job positions, and to meet all of our clients’ different staffing needs. Staffers has been well known for its reliable expertise in meeting specific human resource requirements of businesses in the luxury retail industry, the financial and banking field, as well as the consumer and industrial product manufacturers and distributors. Nowadays, the company also proudly provides its excellent service to cover all the other industries, having gained the trust of leading firms across Europe, America, Asia, and Thailand, as their valued business partner.

Over 28 years of experience in the recruitment and human resource management industry has earned Staffers the coveted professional expertise and a strong network of qualified talents ready to be efficiently and effectively placed in leading companies of Thailand. Staffers strives to fully understand the clients’ industry specific needs and ensure the highest quality of service.

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Our Services

Recruitment & Temporary Staffing Service

With a professional team of consultants experienced and knowledgeable in clients’ various industries, Staffers has the expertise to attract, select, recruit and retain talented working professionals from a vast array of global business industries, networks and sectors. Staffers has an extensive client network within the luxury retail, automotive, hospitality, IT, marketing, finance and banking industry, as well as consumer and industrial product manufacturers and distributors.

Today Staffers has more than 10,000 talented candidates in the system – a network of high-quality workforce from all levels, positions, and industries. We believe in utilizing our industry know-how and advance application systems to deliver unparalleled customized human resource solutions to clients, to meet any and all staffing needs. Our recruitment services specialize in both permanent and temporary placement.

Outsource Service

For businesses in need of staffing for only a specific period of time, Staffers will work closely with clients in sourcing and placing temporary staff with qualifications and availability matching exactly the clients’ needs. We can even take the role of employer for said staff during the placement period. Staffers offers an outsourcing service in a form of contract employees in order to assist clients in reducing staffing costs and saving unnecessary manpower. We will take over all time-consuming employment responsibilities, starting from sourcing to preparing official documents and legal procedures. Staffers will hire the staff, maintain employee records, keep the time and attendance documentation, set up an efficient payroll management system, and arrange the remittance of staff salary – in effect, taking care of all human resource management process for the client.

Payroll Service

Staffers payroll service offers regular payroll requirements including salary, social insurance, income tax, welfare and benefits. We can also provide any type of payroll related report as requested by the clients. Our advance payroll management system, which complies with the international standards of data protection, guarantees accuracy, security, efficiency, and a timely service. It streamlines your payroll process, improves productivity, and simplifies administration. We help clients manage this time-consuming task so they can focus on their business.

HR Consulting Service

Staffers provides expertise and advice for all human resource management practices. Our service includes organizational structure analysis and design, salary and welfare system development, HR management system design, recruitment and training strategy planning, and HR operational system set-up. The HR consulting service is the most beneficial for newly established companies, those that are going through organizational change, or those without a functioning HR department. Our solutions are customized based on individual client needs. We will help the client develop crucial HR policies and management system, and provide professional guidance on any practice as requested.

Reference Check Service

Reference checking of potential employees is an important part of the hiring process. We offer the background check service that includes reviewing of criminal records, financial records, the credit bureau report, identification documents, education and employment history, etc. Staffers provides this reference check service to ensure that the prospective employee is appropriately qualified, honest, and trustworthy.

On-site Recruitment Service

To provide the clients with maximum flexibility and convenience, Staffers is one of the first companies in Thailand to offer on-site recruitment service at the clients’ premises. Our experienced team of recruitment professionals with profound knowledge of the client’s staffing needs will be located at the site, running a fully tailored screening and selection process in order to acquire the exact number of candidates with the exact qualifications matching the client’s requirements. This as-needed basis recruitment service is highly cost effective and time efficient for clients, enabling them to secure a sufficient number of personnel within the business timeframe

Job Opportunities

Unique & Relaiable career partner

1. “Just a quick search through our candidate databse boasting over 10,000 entries”
With only a quick search on our constantly-updated, state-of-the-art candidate database, we can promptly match the best candidates to the jobs they are perfectly suited for and fulfil the client’s business needs.

2. “Over 28 years’ worth of experience in the luxury retail industry”
Our professional history has given us the profound understanding of the importance of having the right people for the right jobs, especially for ones with depths and details. Staffers’ reliable expertise lies in meeting specific human resource requirements of businesses in all industries.

3. “A strong network of high-quality workforce and extensive lists of clients across Europe and Asia”
Staffers’ long-cultivated professional relationship with European corporations and its own business partner, Nikken Total Sourcing Inc., has strengthened the company’s ability to serve regional- and global-level industries.

4. “The expertise that reaches far and wide, with deeper understanding”
No matter the size or the complexity of the work you need us for, we are ready to provide you the service of our extensive talent network and a deeper understanding of various industries, with genuine care, in order to help you reach the business growth you set out to achieve.



Former HR Manager – International Luxury Fashion Company

Speed of work and timely response reflect their attentiveness to the service. Quality of the candidates indicates how they truly understand the business and prudently select the right profiles. The team is always ready to support and work along like a business partner, not just a recruitment company.

Senior Vice President, Human Resources – Foreign Bank

I have been worked with Staffers Recruitment Consultants for a number of years. The service level that they have provided including quality of potential candidates and their proactive response are excellent. Staffers Recruitment Consulting team have a high level of integrity and always putting forward only those candidates who closely match company requirements. I would have no hesitation in recommending Staffers Recruitment Consultant for their excellent service.