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Store Manager

120,000 - 130,000 THB
Job Type
Client Headcount
Experience Required
3 - 5 years
Job Function
Sales & Business Development
Luxury retail

Position Summary

Our client is an Italian luxury fashion house that makes men's clothing and accessories.

Job Description


  • Four main missions:
o   Staff Management
o   Inventory Management
o   Housekeeping
o   Sales Management
  • Operate the store through superior customer service, sales management, professional selling and effective staff management.
  • Manage Company business on a day to day basis to increase sales and improve results through creative and effective use of all resources, including effective leadership and merchandise assortment.
  • Staff Management
  • o   Hire, evaluate, train, position and discipline the staff in a manner consistent with Company policies to reflect business strategy and meet sales goals.
    o   Motivate staff to achieve sales goals.
    o   Encourage and support the individual development of staff and communicate to Retail Manager staff suggestions and needs; encourage exchange of ideas.
    o   Promote and maintain harmonious staff relations.
    o   Develop a standard training program for all new employees and implement a yearly training program for all existing employees.
    o   Determine the needs for coverage and define scheduling.
  • Inventory Management
  • o   Ensure proper inventory mix matching to market needs.
    o   Review merchandise assortment on a regular basis.  Plan and take necessary steps to optimize stock level and stock mix to reflect sales, buying trends and customer demands.
    o   Present merchandise in a manner consistent with Company standards, in order to maximize sales and merchandise turn.
    o   Instruct and supervise staff in the correct execution of all Company operating procedures, including merchandise receipt, pricing, counts and sales.
  • Sales Management
  • o   Uphold excellent quality, in conjunction with efficient and friendly customer service.  Monitor staff performance to ensure that excellent customer service is maintained.
    o   Aim to exceed customer expectations of Company services and products, thereby ensuring high customer satisfaction at all times.
    o   Establish and implement action plans in cooperation with the Retail Manager, to develop sales for each product category and clientele. (local and tourist)
    o   Be aware of local trading environment and its impact on our sales, including competitors’ trading activities.
  • Housekeeping
  • o   Implement and follow proper visual presentation guidelines to project the Company image and benefit sales through presentation.
    o   Make timely window and interior display changes pro-actively to feature various new items and create excitement.
    o   Maintain the highest standard of housekeeping both on and off the sales floor at all times.
  • Administrative Management
  • o   Oversee all facets of store operation including payroll, billing, daily reconciliation reports, bank statements and sales reports to head office and Retail Manager.
    o   Take necessary actions to effectively control costs and ensure efficient operation in store.
    o   Implement group internal procedures and shrinkage control guidelines to prevent stock discrepancies.
    o   Implement and support all security measures.
  • Communication and Reporting
  • o   Inform Retail Manager of decisions and procedures relating to business issues made at the store level.
    o   Obtain approval prior to implementation of new programs or procedures.
    o   Provide clear and informative business review.
  • o   Perform other duties as required.



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